Tina's Hair Care Guide

At Tina's Beauty, we are 100% committed to providing you with quality 100% virgin hair. To ensure your full satisfaction, please follow the recommended hair care instructions. 

Pre-Installation Suggestions

    Rinse the hair under warm water. It is important that you keep the plastic security band around the bundle to avoid tangling.

   Run you finger through the hair.

   Set out to air dry. Once the hair is dry it should be tangle and shed free. 

When doing a full sew-in, we recommend going to a professional stylist. We suggest the wefts should be folded rather than cutting the individual tracks. This maintains the integrity of the extensions, prevents shedding and makes re-installation easier. Our hair is meant for repeat usage when properly cared for. 

Also, it is recommended that you sew around the wefts rather than putting a needle through the wefts will weaken the structure and could cause shedding.

General Maintenance

 We suggest that you have your stylist trim the ends, especially if you plan on doing a lot of heat styling. Hot tools can contribute to split ends, shorting the life of your extensions.

Shampoo and condition with a "good" quality shampoo and conditioner. These products should be sulfate free and moisturizing. Try to avoid putting heavy oils directly on the hair.  This will keep the hair in good condition expanding its life span. When shampooing the hair also use a downward motion, the hair should not be handled rigorously. 

Keep styling product to a minimum to prevent weighing the hair down. Always use a paddle brush to detangle the hair. Because our hair is 100% pure virgin, meaning it has not been processed in any way our hair can be colored we recommend before using any coloring process use a professional.